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As a mother of four and a self-proclaimed micromanaging – perfectionist – martyr, I constantly need to be reminded that control leaves me lonely, perfectionism paralyzes me and caring for others over myself leads to resentment. Join me as I try to navigate being a structure-luvin gal, in an absolutely chaotic household.

Ready to join me?

I would love for you to join me as I work to undo these old patterns and evolve to create a more serene and accepting existence. (And you should know that I still want to ear flick the little knuckleheads {this includes my husband} when they don’t rinse a dish before putting it in the dishwasher — always a work in progress.)

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2 Summer Challenges: Let’s Work on Mindset and Courage

  • Recovery: Positive Lifestyle Changes
  • Spirituality: Trusting the Universe's Plan
Team, in this last official episode of Season 8, before we jump into our annual Summer Rewind series, I want to talk about mindset—or, more specifically, about the things we [...]
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TeamC Summer Submission Campaign

  • Recovery: Positive Lifestyle Changes
Calling all TeamConfessioners! Have you ever thought of sharing your own story or insight with our supportive community? Well, now’s your chance! I’m excited to invite you to contribute as [...]
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Group Dynamic – The 2 Most Important Things to Make Family Time More Enjoyable

  • Family & Friends: Making Healthy Connections
  One of my favorite parts of summer is  spending time with extended family. On G Man’s side, we’re 19 strong now. As you can imagine, the needs of a [...]
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What TeamC Thinks About Confessions

This is truly brilliant and really makes me think!
You and your writing are lights for my psyche.
Thanks for your honest and inspiring insight.
Mags, I absolutely love this...hysterical & right on!

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I Want My Kids To Want To Be Around Me – Remembering My WHY

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  • Parenting: Giving Kids Dignity
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Am I Adjusting Accordingly? Getting Older Made Easy

  • Recovery: Positive Lifestyle Changes
  • Spirituality: Trusting the Universe's Plan
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An Honest Look At My Chronic Overwhelm

  • Martyrdom: Prioritizing Self-Care
  • Perfectionism: Maintaining Personal Serenity
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For the Love of God – Fail My Kid

  • Parenting: Giving Kids Dignity
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