About Mags

by Forreste Jolicoeur
If you know her you understand, there is no person more dynamic. You’ll marvel at how it takes her three hours to eat a burrito, how she can be 15 minutes early to everything, and then happily answer your call with four screaming children in the background. To be in Mags’ atmosphere is to experience someone who is half cheerleader and half drill sergeant. Whether she does it on purpose or not, Mags makes sure you know how fantastic and capable you are in just a few moments. If you are ever worried about the lack of honesty in this world, look to her. She doesn’t sugar coat it – but will douse her take on things in a no-nonsense brand of sunshine and flair. Mags tackles life with a fierce and sincere rhythm that reminds those close to her to be themselves, not waste time on what isn’t authentically you, and to get after what is most important. Thank the heavens! A real-ass woman who talks the talk, walks the walk, and who dares to invite us on her journey with her.

About Me

by Mags DePetris
Over the past 20 years, I’ve gone from being best friends with rage and exhaustion, to being a relatively well-rested, peaceful soul (comparatively, of course). I’ve gone from criticizing my husband for how he cuts tomatoes and blaming him for my unhappiness, to accepting both how he does things, and what he’s capable of giving me. I’ve gone from bagging my children’s clothes by outfit in Ziploc bags, to giving them the dignity and space to make their own (often questionable) decisions. And, I’ve gone from putting everyone else’s needs and agendas before my own, to learning how to put myself on our family calendar first. I never would have gotten to this place without looking at the traits and beliefs that were preventing me from appreciating my life. Especially the tendencies I have toward earnest micromanaging, determined martyrdom, and tenacious perfectionism. In small doses, control, care, and pride are lovely, but when these old survival techniques try to take over—there’s trouble in MagsCity! If any of this resonates with you… if you feel like you ever blame people, play the victim, judge yourself and others for not doing or being enough—you’re in the right place. I would love to invite you to join TeamConfessions so we don't have to work through all of this adulting crap alone!

Ready to join me?

I would love for you to join me as I work to undo these old patterns and evolve to create a more serene and accepting existence. (And you should know that I still want to ear flick the little knuckleheads {this includes my husband} when they don’t rinse a dish before putting it in the dishwasher — always a work in progress.)
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