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All I Want for Christmas II – Getting Rid of a Toxic To Do List

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My personal tendency is to get anywhere and everywhere, and do everything as efficiently and as quickly as humanly possible. As a result, I’ve lived most of my life in the left lane. The feeling of control I got from left-lane living, in some strange way, offered me peace. Then, I was introduced to the right lane, which apparently has additional uses other than just a means to the left lane. I’ve been taught that, if being kind and calm matter to me, it would behoove me to give right-lane living a try.

It’s scary to me how often I treat stress like a hunger pain, something that will pass, something I can deal with later. Stress isn’t a hunger pain, it’s a poison. My ‘to do’ list often feels toxic to me. At this time of year, I have to reconnect with my mission. If I want to spend the majority of my time in the right lane, because that’s where I feel the most serenity, I just simply can’t take on as much as I used to take on. I’m compelled to ask myself: Is my objective to be loving or to people please?

Every year I feel less and less willing to spend four weeks in the left lane. But, for me, doing less takes conviction and courage. This Christmas I’m asking Santa to help me to prioritize my peace of mind, which means accepting my limitations. I need Kris to remind me that, if I’m no longer interested in doing all the things other people are used to me doing, that’s a problem they have, not a problem I have. Right lane life has become so much more significant to me than keeping up with the demanding pace of the left lane. For me, accepting my limitations comes in the form of doing a whole lot less for other people so that I can be a whole lot more loving to other people.

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For the love of all things MERRY and BRIGHT,

Don’t forget about Fend For Yourself Day, December 26th

If you have no idea what I’m talking about READ THIS

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