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Clean House – 7 Small Ways to Start the Year Off Right

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After another FAN-TABULOUS Fend for Yourself Day now I’m ready to get all this crap out of my house. My husband likes to keep everything out for the 12 Days of Christmas but if it were up to me, by the 27th, it would look like Christmas never happened.
Decluttering falls into the same category as a lot of my self-care routines. I can think of a list of things right now that feel like a hassle when I do them but are such an act of love for myself afterward:
-Making my bed
-Fixing a glass of water and sticking it in the fridge for later
-Unpacking right when I get home from a trip
-Putting my clothes out the night before
-Meal prepping in the morning
-Going over the week’s schedule on Sunday night
-Getting everything from Christmas put away to start the New Year off refreshed
Slow gratification rather than instant gratification, I think they call that “maturity.” Funny, because I used to call these things “selfishness.” And when I classify these little acts of love that way, they can easily get pushed to the side as unimportant. G-Man once shared a quote with me when I was struggling with what I viewed as selfish.

“Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.”
Oscar Wilde

As the new year begins, putting stuff where I like it to be feels like a better use of my time than resolving to do a bunch of things differently in 2020. When I take care of myself and my quirky little needs, I look less to other people to bring me happiness. That feels like real change for me, and a win for everyone else.
Happy New Year Team!


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