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Cleaning House – What to Do When It Becomes Too Damn Much

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Over the summer, we spent time cleaning and organizing our home inside and out. I actually don’t mind household chores. But the journey from not minding them, to crying over them, happens quite swiftly. It’s that moment when it all becomes too damn much.

I have listened to a lot of friends vent about their work. The common theme is not that they don’t like their jobs, it’s that they don’t like the feeling of having too much flippin’ work for one person to accomplish.

Our children have been doing chores for years, but the reality is, they could do more. I have to be careful not to model martyrdom. And for that reason, delegation feels like the perfect antidote to my martyrdom. Grab your sponges kids, I’m not the only one in this house that can wipe down a counter!

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