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Connecting to Real People in a Virtual World

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The other day I was reminded that the number one reason for depression isn’t a chemical imbalance—it’s loneliness. Because of technology, I convince myself that I’m constantly connecting with others. But, I’m so busy “connecting” with everyone that I honestly often feel like I have no time to connect with anyone.

When I list what I need in a week (Pyramid Theory), I know for a fact that ‘Connect with others’ has never been on that list. And I would argue that it’s because it never had to be. I never knew what was going on with my friends unless I called them or we got together. Now I can find out what they’re up to with a quick text or a scroll through Facebook. And while I’m around people every day, I’m noticing that I constantly rush away from my real people to tend to my virtual people.

Spring is an ideal time for me to remember to get out of the gloom and hibernation of winter and acknowledge my need for true eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart connection. I love people. People have an incredible ability to heal me. I just have to make sure that the fast pace of this world doesn’t distract me from that very important fact.

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