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After I read the letter in last week’s post to my children, we had a really nice discussion. I used Winnie the Pooh to better illustrate how I was feeling. I told the kids that while they’re used to me being more like Tigger or Pooh, inside I had been feeling more like Eeyore. Later that night one of my children came down with this poster.

I have heard and read about people hiding who they truly are through “masks” and “costumes.” After last week, I’ve considered that maybe the masks and costumes can also do the exact opposite. If I feel like a melancholy horse’s ass, I can let people know that. Instead of using the costume to hide who I am, I can use the costume to reveal who I am.

My friend Milton helped me with this. For the first time in my life, I’ve witnessed a person openly share with his community when he’s wrapped in the cloak of depression. Milton’s bravery and strength not only helps to lift the shame and stereotypes around the mood disorder, but it also sets an example for how we can invite support and understanding into our lives. His truthfulness inspires both self-acceptance and a commitment to the healing process.

My costumes are all a part of my “HUMAN LIFE CICLE.” And, there’s another critical message for me on the poster that you can’t see. At the author’s request, I edited it out of the photo. I was, however, authorized to share the last sentiment with you, “Mom, we all love Emore (close enough) just as much as we love Tiger and Whinny.” And there I was, thinking, I’m only loveable as Tigger. Who knew?

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