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Cry City – Creating a World Where People Can Feel

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At times, I daydream about what the world would look like if we just felt completely free to feel all of our emotions. Even if it wasn’t in the exact moment we felt them, but that we could set aside time to simply feel.

“Mama will be right there! I’m just in here feeling my feelings—be out in a minute!”

As our family absorbs a recent string of upsetting news, I know for a fact that I’m not processing the actual emotion of it all. At this point, I know better. Taking a moment to honestly identify and feel what’s going on inside of me is truly the only way I can heal, and actually get some relief.

When I stuff my emotions away for a more convenient time, very often that time never comes. I can get to a place where I’m tucking, shoving, and pushing down so much that, when I least expect it, the water just leaks out of my face. And, when the feelings aren’t splashing out as tears, they’re shooting out in the form of anger, and even rage.

If crying’s a part of being human, I might want to give myself permission to be a little more human. And maybe if I show others my emotions, it will give them permission to feel theirs. TeamConfessions, open up those phone lines—you might be getting a blubbering call from me any minute now.


And (if you haven’t already)…

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  1. Crap. I’m about to cry now

    • Hahahahahaha!

  2. I good movie

  3. A god movie can prime the pump.


    • That is SO TRUE Lee–great reminder!
      One of our favorite cry-movies in our house is About Time–LOVE!

  4. You say it so well! Even knowing that others experience things as I do in sad times, helps me find peace. And being mama often makes it even more challenging! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks so much for your comment Veena.
      It’s like, I have to function through my day, but I also want to teach my kids that they don’t have to continually suppress their feelings.
      This photo kind of reminds me how we respond when we’re little. But, somewhere along the way we’re taught (or observe) that these emotional outbursts do not fly in a teen or adult world. But, then kids see adults have angry outbursts all the time.
      Just tryin to head it at the pass I guess.

  5. You are SO talented at helping us all feel where we are at and process our emotions–thank you for that!

    • It’s a slow process for me.
      As soon as I become aware if it, I begin to realize just how much I’m holding back emotion in the course of a day.
      I’m taking a page out of Dory’s book in FINDING NEMO, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

  6. Thanks, Mags. Been in a similar boat. Gotta feel em or they come out sideways which is no fun for anyone nearby. Go gently..

    • It’s a lot going back into this big world where everyone and everything is different.
      I’m focused on rest right now. It’s working. It puts the feelings in perspective a little bit more for me.
      When I was sharing something the other day with someone, I started by saying, “I’m working on feeling my feelings…”
      As I was crying, crying, crying, while trying to talk I thought to myself, ‘Oh, maybe this is why we hold back….it’s really hard to talk and bawl at the same time.”

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