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Every Good Idea is Not a Good Idea – Pausing Before I Take Action

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It turns out, I’m full of great ideas. Everyday/all-day I’m brainstorming; I’m thinking of things I can do for friends, vacation ideas, ideas for projects, etc. You name it—I’ve got a good idea for it. But as I try to get brutally honest about the chaos I single-handedly create in my life, it’s becoming lavishly clear that all these bright ideas complicate the you-know-what out of my life.

Given my personality, when one of these thoughts pops into my head, I often barrel into action before pausing to take into consideration all of the other (more important) things I already have on my list. For the past several weeks before following through, I ask myself: Will this idea unnecessarily complicate my life? The answer is almost always yes, yes, yes.

These ideas, big and small, add up. When I don’t pause for 24-48 hours before jumping into making these ideas happen I invite stress into all of our lives. Putting space between the thought and the follow-through has been a massive game-changer for me. And TeamConfessioners know that I’ve been chipping away at trying to simplify my life forEVER. Guys, I finally feel like I’m enjoying more peace—it turns out that all I had to do was stop listening to myself! I guess it goes back to remembering that You can’t fix crazy with crazy.

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