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Exhaustion is the Language of Never Enough – But this Energy List Can Help

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“When you’re overwhelmed, everything, even the good stuff feels like a chore.”
Betty Hill Crowson


Years ago, it was recommended to me that I make an energy list. What the heck is an energy list? You have to think of your life at this very moment and pull out a piece of paper. On the left side, you write down everything that drains your energy, and on the right side, you list everything that restores your energy. Mother-of-pearl! When you look at it in list form, it’s kind of embarrassing how out of balance those two columns are. You too?

When I made an energy list for the first time, I could physically see how incredibly unbalanced my input versus output was. No wonder “fun” didn’t even feel like fun anymore. But because of that energy list, as offers came in, I was able to assess: Is this a left column thing, or a right column thing? All of a sudden, I was acutely aware of which column each offer would land in. Assessing whether something would “drain” or “restore” me made saying “no” so. much. easier.

I once read a saying: “Life should be equal parts: work, play and rest.” This statement is not only a reminder, it’s permission! You’re absolutely right, Daily Affirmation Calendar! I do need to play and rest more! And since I’ve taken that advice to heart, I can completely feel a shift in my overall serenity. Making more time for rest and fun is absolutely the cherry on top of my energy-input/output sundae!

And if you need more support saying “no”…
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  1. Love it!!!

    • Thanks Joann!

  2. Here’s to leveling the scales on input & output. I like it, Mags. Thank you for being you in the world – lucky to overlap with you.

    • Whoot!
      Thanks to your play, I was reminded that I’m still stuck in a lot of my COVID lock-down patterns.
      I spent the weekend connecting with humans face-to-face and it felt like a real step in the right direction~
      So, thank YOU!

  3. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I’m starting a list today.
    Thanks Mags

    • Yay! It’s honestly exhausting just to list everything — be sure to hydrate!

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