Game Tape – A New Year’s Resolution That Will Stick

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I’ve always been a sucker for those Year in Review montages that TV stations run at the end of December. Even though I lived through it all, sometimes I’m really surprised by what I see. It makes me think, what would my reel look like? It would be fascinating to be able to sit down and watch the highs and lows of my own year. Like a quarterback watching game tape, it would give me a chance to review what’s working and what needs improvement from a completely new perspective.

My friend Coach Dave taught me, “The film never lies.” An honest look at my behaviors could give me the opportunity to see what to keep the same, all while acknowledging that I make certain mistakes over and over again and continue to expect different results. 

So rather than thinking of a bunch of grand things I could do to improve my whole season, I’d like to take this time to reflect on some subtle changes I can make, play by play. Small adjustments that will slowly make me a better athlete, and in turn, hopefully, a more reliable teammate.

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