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I Can’t Read – My Solution to Email Overload

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Oh my goodness, Team—while writing last week’s post I unearthed one more reason managing the family overwhelms me. One word. Email.

I receive more than 40 emails in my inbox on any given day. Keep in mind, I’m a champion unsubscriber, and I’m the only full-time employee at my job. Here’s the issue with this, friends—I am, and always have been, a feeble reader at best. I almost can’t read. Well, I can read, but I don’t read. I do read, but I don’t read all the emails. Forty emails a day is so, so, so, so, so, so many words for someone like me to process. (That’s one “so” for every person in our family.) Why do you think these blog posts are short? I wouldn’t be able to read them if they were any longer!

G-Man, on the other hand, he’s a super reader. What takes me fifteen minutes to read, takes G-Man fifteen seconds to read. And, if you quizzed us both on the information, he would take home the prize every time. (Unless, of course, it’s a text from me—he can’t seem to read those correctly, but that’s a different blog post.)

My friends call these little discoveries, AFGO’s (Another F-ing Growth Opportunity). One more thing I have to accept about myself, another thing I can’t be perfect at, and another thing I need G’s help with. But while this admission is so uncomfortable for me to make, it’s also a relief. Discovering and coming clean with my limitations, regardless of how disparaging, is a step towards not pretending like I can handle all of  this life, family-management, parenting crap on my own. It’s also another opportunity to practice humility, and acknowledge that my peace of mind matters in this family. 

Now, let’s all say a little prayer that next week we discover that it’s really not a great idea for me to cook anymore. Fingers crossed.


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  1. I am cracking up as I read this – and will fess up now I only read 1/4 of your blogs if im lucky!! Last night I sat down to clean out my inbox of 456 emails – they get sorted by name & some never opened just delete, delete, delete. Like you I have become a pro at unsubscribe because i realize they are just gonna keep coming at me like toxic old friends if I don’t 😉 & I too am the only employee to look at the emails for my 2 businesses, 4 kids & oh yeah my life… Love you always Mags!!!! xoxo Jackie

    • Jackie, I’ll take 1/4…1/8…1/16th
      Whatever you got, it’s enough.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Mags. Love reading your words and can relate big-time to email overload. Go easy, friend.

    • Thanks Jules, but I know for a fact you’re a super reader.
      Just another thing for me to love about you.
      Thanks for checking in~

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