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If I Love Wasting Time, Why Don’t I Waste More Time?

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Wasting time was something I never used to allow myself to do. I just didn’t feel like I could afford to do it. Not to mention, for someone who is always running around, peace and quiet can actually be very unsettling. But after these past few weeks of being injured, I realized—I had it all wrong.

For example, before going in for surgery ten days ago, I bolted through the process of getting ready in the morning. It was as if I was zipping through a toll booth on I-95. Again, no time to misuse minutes on all of these insignificant steps. But now that I’m moving slower, I’ve been able to, ya know, completely dry off, put lotion on… I’ve even made time for perfume. And, can I just tell you? It’s been so lovely and amazing. So much so, I have to ask myself, Why don’t you do this all the time?

Team, it turns out, I don’t have an issue with peace and quiet at all. I’ve taken to sitting around on my ass all week like a duck to water. So what’s different? Why has slowing down felt so incredibly unsettling to me in the past, but now feels absolutely divine? Ugh, I hate this! It’s friggin’ because A DOCTOR TOLD ME I COULD. What the frick?! I am still an adult, right?

My prayer for myself is that I stop seeking approval or permission from other people to live my life exactly how I want to live it. Apparently, I still have a lot of work to do in this area. In the meantime though, I’m going to try to get my physical therapist to write me a note that reads, “Mags must stay off her feet as much as humanly possible for the next SEVERAL weeks.” Wish me luck.


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  1. Thank you for your insight! I always can connect with something you have written about and I take your words with me “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”. “What does done look like “. They have helped me in my own growth. I hope you recovery from your injury goes well and smoothly. I think that an injury allows you to seek help and we come out better in the other side come out stronger than we were before

    • Renee, thank you for your comment. It’s so nice to know that this stuff is resonating with you.
      The ‘asking for help’ thing is still super uncomfortable for me, but I’m trying!
      (Between you and me, I’m hoping to get better before I have to try any harder.)

  2. Love your honesty, vulnerability and humor!

    • Thank you Jane!
      I appreciate you checking in~

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery Mags

    • Nelson, thank you so much!

  4. Omg did this resignate with me. Stop waiting for permission and do you!!! Just what I needed today!!! Xo

    • Rachel, so happy I was able to put a little caffeine on what was already inside you —— whoot! whoot!

  5. Wow, Mags hoping you are feeling better soon. Slow and steady wins the race. Sit more and pamper yourself, as you my friend definitely earned it, as you are always willing to hand a helping hand, it’s your turn. Never feel bad about asking for help. Boy I need to take my own advice at times. Xo Deb

    • Thanks Deb. Yes, slow and steady does win the race.
      I still always say that Navy Seal quote in my head that I’ve written about in the past, “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.”
      It’s interesting, even reading your comment makes me think that people are always picking up my slack… for two reasons I can think of right now:
      1. We have more kids than drivers, so I ALWAYS need help in that arena.
      2. I don’t read all the emails, so I’m always relying on the other parent’s to point me in the right direction.
      Maybe I’ve been sent here to make other people feel like they have their shit together. I’m actually very at peace with that explanation.
      Good talk.
      Oh and YES——PLEASE take your own advice. The more of us that we can get asking for help and taking it easy the better. It’s going to be a movement. It’s going to be all the rage to relax and take it all in. Power in numbers baby! My friend just said to me, “Every day is Fend for Yourself Day over there right now.” Yahoooo, the best parts of Christmas all year long!

  6. Glad to hear it, Mags!

    • Thanks Julie.
      Glad to be realizing the permission-seeking piece…
      The first step is awareness they say~

  7. Good for you Mags. Stop and smell the roses and maybe take a nap.

    • Thanks Bill.
      I love that term “smell the roses,” it’s such a great reminder to take it ALL in.

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