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A New Take on Indulgence

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Some synonyms for indulgence: satisfaction, gratification, fulfillment. When I think of ‘indulgences’ I think mostly about eating food I don’t normally eat, or staying up late to watch TV. Two things I don’t often do. But what I noticed this week, while the kids have been at sleep-away camp, is how those specific indulgences actually don’t leave me feeling satisfied, gratified, or in the least bit fulfilled.

This kind of brings me back to my point in Pyramid Theory, that making the right choice for me, the healthy choice, always wins out in the end—even if I’m on ‘vacation.’ Only being responsible for myself while the kids are away already feels like an indulgence that fosters a tremendous amount of peace in my days. And there are a lot of other things I’ve been doing that actually leave me feeling incredibly satisfied, gratified, and fulfilled.

It’s time that I redefine what I consider to be indulgent. Eating crappy food and staying up past my bedtime are just two examples of things that don’t work for me anymore. And the more I come to love and respect myself, the less interested I am in doing things that aren’t kind to my body, mind, and mood. It’s time for a new take on indulgence.

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