Color photo of the sun beaming through forest trees.

Into the Woods – Seeing the Forreste Through the Trees

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There are people like me, who tell you everything about themselves, even things you wish they’d keep to themselves (eh-hem.) And then, there are people like my cousin Forreste, who you have to get to know. I’m that gigantic sign at the bottom of the mountain that reads, “TRAILHEAD OVER HERE.” Forreste is that magical place on the hike that isn’t as easy to locate. The spot only the patient pioneers know how to find. 

My cousin reminds me that there’s a reason God gave me two ears and one mouth. I don’t get to learn anything about others, or anything else in my life, when I choose to only talk and do

My life is always speaking to me, but rarely in the form of obvious signs. If I want to discover those magical places, those places where restoration, change, and recovery happen—I need to get quiet, listen, and observe. It’s only then that I’m able to truly hear those lesson-carrying trees through the forest.

Thanks cuz, and Happy Birthday~

And (if you haven’t already)…


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  1. Your message was perfectly timed for me today Mags – Listening with both ears! Thank you 🙂

    • Katie–thanks so much for your comment.
      I honestly don’t like the phrase, “shut-up” when it’s used to quiet someone, but it’s very effective when I’m trying to quiet myself 😉

  2. And Happy Birthday from me, Forreste !!

  3. Happy birthday Forreste!!

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