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Fewer Opinions Equals More Happy

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There was once a time when I voiced my thoughts on everything. It was suggested to me that if I wanted more serenity in my life, I could try to have fewer opinions. Novel idea. I gave it a try, and, in Sinatra’s words, Oh, by gosh, by golly, it worked. Choosing to take less of a stance on things, big and small, magically created more peace in my life.
‘Tis the season for opinions. This week, I’d like to remind myself that I love everyone’s Christmas lights, no matter how sparse or grand. I love all of my family members, no matter how much their quirks get kicked up during the month of December. I love all my children, despite the fact that they have the energy to do flips off my living room couches, yet lack the energy to put a dish in the dishwasher. I love my husband, even though he feels compelled to stuff an 18’ Christmas tree in our 14’ sunroom every year.
I’m not embracing everything because I feel forced to, I’m doing it because it makes me happier. When I come from a place of love rather than a place of judgment, I’m more serene. It’s all good. It’s ALL good. And the fewer opinions I have, the better things seem to get.

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F e n d   F o r   Y o u r s e l f   D a y   2 0 1 9
December 26th, The best day of the calendar year!
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