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2 Ways to Avoid Being a Parent Punching Bag

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Do you ever get sick and flipping tired of your family taking their crap out on you? I find being everyone’s punching bag incredibly draining. And while I don’t put up with too much of it, at times, I’m not deflecting jabs all day around here.

I’m not sure where it’s written that you take your pain out on those closest to you, but it can be really tough on ‘those closest to you.’ I’m always working on not taking it personally. So, instead of saying what I’m thinking, I try to say something like, “It sounds like you had a tough day. What do you think you can do to make yourself feel better? A walk? Time with a friend? A jump on the trampoline? A hug…?” 

I feel that one of my jobs as a mother is teaching our children to truly know themselves. When they’re feeling down or angry, I try to remind them to think about what they might do to help process their emotions. Moving their body, listening to music, writing, nature, affection, meditating, laughing? Maybe all of the above?

I can help them to better understand who they are, and what tools they can use to cope with life, but it’s up to them to pick those tools up when they need them. I want to make damn sure they stay away from picking up the ‘Hurt others to make yourself feel better’ tool. The ways I can teach them that is…

  1. Don’t put up with unacceptable behavior
  2. Pick up healthy tools in my box so I don’t take my emotions out on them

This crap’s exhausting.

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