My Mom – Why I Should Be Kind to Myself When I Misstep

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Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. One of my favorite things about Mom is when her behavior resembles the children’s book character, Amelia Bedelia. Mom has brought two left shoes to an event (and had to wear them), she’s accidentally freshened up the lasagna with cocktail sauce. And once, she was caught by my brother putting holy water into his coffee. Each and every one of these stories fills my heart, but it wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I came to better understand why Mom had these little blunders.
My mother lives in service to others. She has not only prayed for thousands of people in her lifetime, but she’s also shown up for more people than I could ever imagine calculating. She has cooked for, knitted for, listened to, advised, held hands with, and devoted herself to whatever help or recovery countless friends and family have required. And even when she’s not beside them, or on the phone with them, she’s still continuously thinking about and praying for others.
Yes, Mom has left things on top of her car and driven away. And hell, she’s even caught her very own finger on fire. But much like Amelia, all of these mishaps happen in the act of passionately serving others. And, my deeper understanding of that as a grown woman is that, when someone is unfailingly preoccupied with the nourishment of those around them, details like screwing the tops back on ingredients and closing cabinet doors become completely unimportant. Because of Mom, I know that when I do something silly or forget something, it’s likely because I’m distracted by all of the people I’ve been taught to care for in my life.
Mom, thank you for setting such a loving example for Tucker and me, and all your grandchildren.

Happy Birthday, Grammy~

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