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Writing My Own Morning Prayer

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God, help me to be patient and loving to myself, my husband, our children, our family, and our friends.

Please guide me away from influences that don’t fill my heart or my purpose.

Please help me to stay in the moment and take time to breathe and gain perspective.

Help me to show compassion towards myself and others.

Help me to remember that I’m a creative spirit and I best serve others when I nourish that part of my soul.

And God, please help me to manage my time and my priorities in a way that reflect my values and who I’m meant to be.

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    Welcome to my blog! Here you can read about what’s on my mind as I try my best to recover from screaming at my kids and nagging the bejesus out my husband.

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    I would love for you to join me as I work to undo these old patterns and evolve to create a more serene and accepting existence. (And you should know that I still want to ear flick the little knuckleheads {this includes my husband} when they don’t rinse a dish before putting it in the dishwasher — always a work in progress.)
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