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The Best Thing I Can Do to Stop Nagging Others

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SON-OF-A-MONKEY’S-UNCLE! I really thought I had this nagging thing licked. I swear I’m telling you the truth when I write that my husband would not consider me a nagging wife. Well…not anymore, at least. I was a little (super) rough out of the gates, but I pulled my act together for the good of our team (for the love of all things bright and beautiful). I thought I was pretty amazing with keeping my trap shut when it came to day to day irritation, but it turns out—I’m in complete denial! It’s not that I’ve stopped nagging, it’s just now, instead of nagging my husband, I nag our kids.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I have a control quota I have to meet daily. Because of this, I’ve trained myself to control the stuff rather than the people. But it seems as though now, I also have a nagging quota…?

There are days when I come in the back door and I just walk by the shoes right next to the shoe basket—easy peasy. And then, there are days when I want to physically harm someone for not just putting their flippin’ shoes in the basket WHERE THEY BELONG!  And, ya know what I’ve come to learn is the difference between those two days? One of those days I’m focused on what inspires me and brings me joy. The other day I’m focused on everything you’re doing that annoys me and causes me aggravation. The best thing I can do for myself to stop nagging? Keep the focus on me…Oh, and confiscate all their crap till they clean my house.

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