Lacrosse players defend the goal while an opponent runs toward them.

ONE – The Most Important Lesson Learned About Working With Others

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This is my fifth season shooting Yale Men’s Lacrosse and this year I witnessed something I’ve never seen before. Because I watch the game through my camera, I’m afforded a unique perspective on what’s unfolding across the field. This year I witnessed the Yale defense moving together as one organism. They resemble the graceful yet threatening swell of a jellyfish ready to humble anyone who doubts its fortitude.

When it comes to sports the goal of working together is crystal clear, when it comes to other areas in life, it can get more complicated. But—is it really more complicated or do I make it more complicated? I complicate it when I maneuver through my days as if I am the organism, rather than part of the organism. My effectiveness in life is directly correlated to my ability and willingness to work with the group as a whole. My refusal to act in motion with others thwarts not only my goals but the goals of those around me. If I choose not to be a ‘part of’ and serve the whole, the entire being suffers.

I know, for a fact, the reason the team moves like a well-rehearsed dance is because they practice their asses off. I needed a reminder that this ‘working together’ thing takes a tremendous amount of training. In my personal life and in my professional life, I have to make certain that my objectives align with what’s best for everyone involved. And I thought I was just watching the number one team in the country play some lacrosse—it turns out that they’re teaching me a whole lot more than just how to photograph a sports team. Love you, boys.

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