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Who Says You’re Not Perfect? Not Me.

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A few weeks ago, I witnessed someone talking to a group of children about making mistakes. In the talk, the cliche “nobody’s perfect,” was used. There I was, with over twenty beautiful little people of all ages in front of me thinking, Are you kidding? Every single spirit before me is the definition of perfection. That’s it people—I’m redefining perfection as it relates to the human condition.

If we are fundamentally flawed as humans, then, by definition, we are actually doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing when we misstep. If faltering is part of being human, then we are each perfect humans, having a perfectly human experience.

Being told again and again that I’m not perfect feels like such a defeatist attitude towards life. And it’s always said with such a conciliatory tone, “Oh well, you just suck. We all do. There’s not a damn thing any of us can do about it.”

I’m choosing to see us all as perfect. And it’s totally working for me. Since I shifted my perspective on this, it’s been so much easier to see that perfection in every person I encounter. 

Nobody’s perfect? Think again.

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