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Picking Up the Slack: Lazy Kids – Controlling Parent

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My hope is that I’m the kind of person who picks up the slack when the team needs a hand. But, I’m really not the best person to pick up the slack when other people are sitting on their arses. Sure, I pick up the slack alright, but I wouldn’t say it’s pretty.

I’m working on allowing other people to uphold their end of the bargain. Not easy for a Tidy Tellulah who likes her space as uncluttered as possible. But every single time I complete someone else’s task, when the other person has had ample time to complete it, I rob the both of us from an important opportunity.

When a teammate is in the weeds, I’m happy to jump in and help. But doing someone else’s job because I want things done a certain way or in a certain time-frame is my issue, not the other person’s issue. And the more I try to take over control, the more people relinquish it. Division of labor is best for all parties—I get an opportunity to work on my control issues and they get an opportunity to work on their lazy-ass-procrastinating issues. Yay! Everyone wins.

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