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The Daily Do-Over – When the Facts Change, So Can My Actions

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Last week, a live bunny rabbit showed up at my house without my permission. Two months ago Chromebooks showed up at my house without my permission. Both things, in my opinion, deserve thoughtful conversations before entering our home. Yet, there I was with a bunny brought by one of my children and two Chromebooks issued by the Guildford Public School system.

First of all, I love bunnies. Second of all, I don’t think I could adore the Guildford Public School System more. However, in both cases, whether for two hours or two months, my default mode detoured me into “victim” mode. 

These were choices made by other people that I didn’t agree with, and for whatever reason, I thought I had to live with them. Playing the victim temporarily disconnected my head from my heart. The bunny went back to the farm until we had an opportunity to discuss, as a family, the complexities involved in caring for an animal. The Chromebooks can stay at school from now on because having them in our home doesn’t align with the mindful choices we’ve made in regards to our family’s use of technology.

I often forget about life’s redo button. I’m not powerless over the decisions being made around me. I just have to remember there’s a safe and healthy path to return to the road I’ve invested in traveling on. A road that’s teaching me that detours are a place for growth rather than blame.

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