Boys play lacrosse.

The Magic of the Reset – What I Can Learn From the Game of Lacrosse

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Over the past several years, I’ve watched a lot of lacrosse. One thing I’ve observed during the games is that when something doesn’t go as planned on offense, a chorus of “Reset! Reset!” can be heard from the coaches on the sidelines. This is a reminder for the players to refocus mentally so they can increase their chances of scoring. A very useful concept for me to adopt into my everyday life.

In our family, my buttons often get pushed and my feelings and ego can get bruised (even by people who can’t remember to flush a toilet). When my ego hurts, my attention is on my pain. Often the only thing that frees me from that pain is by taking a moment to reset my focus toward my overall goal.

Lacrosse also reminds me that there isn’t much time to score. I only have possession of these little twerps for a short time. Holding grudges feels awesome to my ego, but it does nothing for my offense. The magic of resetting not only gives me an opportunity for some humility, it also reminds me that we’re all on the same team.

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