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Are You Good at Sharing? You Must Be the Oldest

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No one would say I was blessed with the sharing gene. However, some of my family members’ sharing ability blows me away. With limited scientific research, personally, I think it has something to do with birth order. My husband (oldest child), my brother (oldest child) and my daughter (oldest child)—all completely inspirational, champion sharers. 

I feel like I’m generous, but that’s different than sharing. I’m reminded of the quote, “It’s not giving unless it hurts.” Oh TeamC, it hurts, it hurts so much. I don’t want you to take food from my plate, I don’t want you to crap up my favorite stuff and you dirty little turkeys are absolutely not welcome in my bed at night—MINE.

Another kind of sharing that I’m having trouble facing right now is self-promotion. And the ironic thing is that’s one way I love sharing—promoting others. I ADORE talking about products I love, books that open my mind, and people I believe in. I must get that excitement from my Mom. Hands down, Mom holds a solid lead for Confessions marketing. I’m pretty sure she’s gotten almost everyone she knows to subscribe. (And just an aside to her hairdresser, Mom’s lookin’ ten years younger with the new cut, fabulous job. Keep up the great work.)

Maybe you can help Mom and I out by encouraging some of the people you know to subscribe. I promise, this kind of sharing doesn’t hurt one bit.

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