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Teasey Pleasies – A Solution to Taming the Unpleasable

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After last week’s blog Easy Pleasey, I got to thinking about the Teasey Pleasies in life. Those people who make me believe I truly can please them if I simply focus on getting it just right.

I’ve invested a great deal of time and resources into my commitment to bring joy to these types of people. And for years, I honestly believed I was at fault for not getting it shiny enough, for not calling enough, for not visiting enough, for not knowing enough—I didn’t recognize that no matter what I did, the person was never going to be fully pleased. 

Identifying this pattern in others has saved me so much time, heartache, frustration, and feelings of unworthiness. I can recognize how, because I’ve personally struggled with being nearly impossible to please, this inability to be pleased comes from deep within the unpleasable. This reminds me of two things.

  1. If I’m in this unhappy place of discontent, something is going on with me that I need to take time to thoughtfully look at.
  2. If someone else is in this place, I can’t take someone else’s reaction to my loving efforts personally.

So whether I’m dealing with a Teasey Pleasey or I have a case of the Teasey Pleasies, the remedy for either seems to be, Keep the focus on myself.

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