The face of a young child with scrunched eyebrows and pouting lips. The face of a young child with scrunched eyebrows and pouting lips.

The Most Frustrated Baby on the Block – What Quarantining and Toddlers Have in Common

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When my friends with toddlers talk to me about their miserable 3-year-olds, I feel their pain. Three was right about the age when, I started calling my kids names in my head like, ‘little a-hole.’ But when I stepped back and looked at what was really going on, it was frustration. There were all of these things I was expecting them to do on their own, but when they’d climb up on the counter to get a cup, I’d flip out. They’d look at me like, Well, make up your mind woman? Do you want me to do things by myself or not? 

Some days, corona makes me feel as frustrated as a 3-year-old. On one hand, I have all these tools to lead a peaceful life, but on the other hand, there are all these things I’m not allowed to do. Maybe I can look to my toddler friends for some help with how to manage the stress.

Baby fat: Check….been working on that one for seven weeks

Take naps: Hmmm, definitely haven’t done enough napping

Go to bed early: Genius

Lots of praise for little achievements: Brilliant. Be proud of getting dressed by myself, using a fork, putting away my toys, etc.

Find joy in little things: Great reminder

Feel your emotions: Ah-ha!

Show affection without being prompted: Love that

Scream and hit people: (I’m just sayin’….)

I wrote about thriving in last week’s post, Observe and Adapt. Toddlers remind me that I have to redefine thriving during corona. Because this time can be incredibly frustrating, I can absolutely go back to the basics. Getting dressed, resting, connecting with others, sorting objects by shape and color—now live in the thriving column. And while I’m at it, I think I’ll consider screaming and hitting things thriving as well—I’m just feeling my emotions after all.

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