The top of a birch tree. Green leaves blow in the wind.

The Wind’s Work – What Mother Nature Taught Me About Self-Acceptance

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Today’s my birthday and I happen to have the perfect gift for myself. My gift to myself this year is to put down the chisel.

My friend Shannon once said to me decades ago, “We’re always improving. You’re always getting better.” She went on to explain that just by being human we’re always using the lessons we learn in life to be better and do better in the future. Life is telling me to put more faith in my process and my progress. It’s time to loosen my grip.

Challenges face everyone constantly. But my grandmother taught me, Mother Nature sends the wind after it rains to take care of her trees. The swift gusts blow the water off the limbs so they can stand tall once again. I’ve put a lot of work into being a durable, healthy tree. This feels like the ideal time to have faith in that strength and allow the wind to do its work.

Now that’s a gift.

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