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Theme of My Life – Complication Through Simplification

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If there were one underlying theme of my life, it’s my relentless pursuit to make everything as easy and uncomplicated as possible. But sometimes, I’m splashing around in my very own mini-river of denial. If I take a closer look, sometimes I’m doing the exact opposite—I’m complicating my life by trying to simplify it. 

The other day I imagined someone asking me, “Now that you’re 100 years old, what would you do differently in your life?” My reply would be, “I’d spend less time trying to simplify it.”

Then of course the question becomes—Mags, why don’t you just stop now?

Aside from the fact that I can’t always identify when I’m doing it, it’s also because keeping things more manageable gives me the illusion of control. And, we all know how much MamaDe loves herself more control.

This is a helpful time of year to remind myself to just let things go. I have plenty of evidence that everything does turn out just fine without my (amazing) managerial skills.

So in review, I’m going to remember:

It’s ok for people to drive out of their way.

It’s ok to take two trips.

It’s ok that we have waaaay too many hotdog rolls.

(“No one’s ever going to be able to eat all of those hotdog rolls,” will not pass my lips, I promise.)

Permission to just sit back and let it all unfold this summer. I feel more relaxed already~


And (if you haven’t already)…


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  1. “Let it go” is my new mantra and I am in the same boat with hot dog rolls?!?

    • Thanks Kim…it’s amazing how I can get my panties in a bunch when G returns from the grocery store with things that IN MY OPINION we’re never going to eat. I have to “Let it go,” but I also often have to “Walk away!”

  2. Here, here, Mags. Love your voice..

    • THANK YOU!

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