Close up on a teenage boy dressed up like the Easter bunny holding a 7 month old little girl in a pink satin Easter dress.

Under the Influence – Bunny See, Bunny Do

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Someone once kindly noted that our kids do a great job entertaining other little people. We all know I don’t play with our children, so as soon as I heard the compliment, I immediately knew who to credit for it: Patrick and Bryan.

We had the good fortune of moving next to two extraordinary young boys. They both adored and entertained every tiny neighbor, one after the other, as they arrived on Boston Street. Throughout those years they set countless positive examples, but most importantly, they taught our children that you’re never too old (or cool) for childish play.

They’re not kidding when they say it takes a village to raise children, and we’ve missed our villagers terribly over the past year. We rely on you to teach us how to slow down, to accept ourselves and others as we are, and to not expect more than people can give. But you also remind us to take everything less seriously and to have fun. Remember fun?

The thing I’m most looking forward to reviving, during this season of resurrection, is joy and laughter. We need our co-parents’ loving energy more than ever right now. Let’s hope that laughter-filled together time comes soon cause we’re gettin’ ready to blow over here.


~Happy Joyful Easter and Passover TeamConfessions~


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  1. and blessyourlittlehearts!! I love the photo!!

    • Thanks Kelly!

  2. Resurrecting joy and laughter-awesome!

    • Yahooo! Joy and laughter, here we come!

  3. I could write the same blog about your fam! We lucked out in the neighbor lottery

    • Thank you Marie!
      We feel the same ❣️

  4. I remember this picture—- both baby and bunny are adorable! Happy Easter!?

    • I wanted to use the one with Bryan in it too, but M was crying ?
      So nice to hear from you Wendy!

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