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Wanna Feel Good About Yourself? Stick to It.

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My husband taught me an incredibly important lesson years ago when he was the head coach for our oldest son’s soccer team. The boys ended up losing in the State Cup Finals. A majority of the parents made it clear on the sidelines that they felt the loss was due to the coaching choice to play all of the kids (not just the strongest players). After the game, G-Man was talking to the players and their parents were standing behind the team listening. My husband’s final speech of the season was about principles.

He reminded the twelve year old boys that the principle of the team was, if you show up to practice and work hard, you play in games. He went on to explain that the most important part of having a principle is to hold true to that principle no matter how difficult that can be at times. I can’t speak for the disgruntled parents, but the boys and I learned about a lot more than soccer that day.

I think about this story often. Whether it’s principles, a relationship, a project—when the going gets tough, it can be really difficult for me to stick to it. But that’s also where all my growth and recovery happens. In that moment, when I choose to do what’s right rather than what’s easiest—that’s where my self-worth is built and defined. My self-confidence lives in that precise “stick to it” moment. So, if I want to feel good about myself, that’s where I have to be willing to go.

On his birthday, I’m honored to be by G-Man’s side as we decide what our ever-evolving individual and family principles are. But, I’m even more appreciative for having one another’s support when it’s a friggin’ pain-in-the-pie-hole to stick to them. 

I love you Homey. Happy Birthday~


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  1. Another great one Megan D., keep em coming! And Happy Birthday to Greg!!!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts and for reaching out with your comment.
      He had a great birthday, thanks!

  2. We all could use a little more G-man philosophy in our lives… he hasn’t steered me wrong yet! Happy Birthday Gregor!

    • That G-Man…what a guy.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment Daniel.

  3. Well said and very hard to remember some days. Thanks for the pep talk to start my hectic weekend. Happy Birthday G-man!

    • We have to fight for it Meghan…no one wants us to take time for ourselves in the moment.
      It’s so difficult to feel like I’m disappointing people all the time. I feel like all I do throughout a day is disappoint people.
      “Well, ya know what? I’m disappointed you didn’t clean up all those tiny pieces of paper that fell on the living room floor when you did that school project. I guess now we’re even kid.”

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