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We Get Better Together – I Can’t Do It Alone

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Moving 200 of anything can be exhausting. But moving 200 blog posts proved to be more work than any of us could have predicted. You add in title renaming, metadata updates, alt-texting, exporting media, building a website from scratch, creating new logos, and a bundle of other things, and you got yourself a painful project. How do I get through painful anything? H-E-L-P.

I’m reminded of the quote, We get better together. Gone are the days of going it alone! This beast of a site migration was able to happen because of the hard work of the women behind the scenes at Confessions. The fabulously artistic Kelly C, who inspired my journey to new logos, my gentle, wise, and crafty web designer Trish, my master of all-things-web and search engine optimizer Kim, my talented cheerleader/photographer buddy Kelly T, and my incredibly supportive and always remarkably patient editor Forreste. 

I am so blessed to be surrounded by women who remind me that if I want to either heal or grow, I need others. Feeling very grateful this week for all the encouragement and love I received from both these women and my network of family and friends. Thank you for all the cheerleading and support—I needed it. 

What now? I’m filled with a bunch of Yahoo and Yikes to announce our next challenge…AUDIO RECORDING ALL 190+ BLOGS! 


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  1. You’ve got this! ❤️

    • Thanks Lisa!

  2. The new site looks ahhhmazing!!! Glad you had your tribe to help. Content has always been there, can’t wait to see “the places that you go” xoxo congratulations!!!

    • Thanks Raquel!
      I need and LOVE the support.

  3. This is amazing! It looks great and feels right. Your site has captured you.

    • Ellen, thank you for your loving support and constant interest in my work.
      It means so much.

  4. Love the new website! It looks GREAT!

    • Joal,
      Thank you for helping us through the sticky times.
      Yahoo! We did it.

  5. Congratulations —you continue to strive to improve —so proud of you and all others who helped you to climb the ladder of success.Love you !!!

    • Awe Grammy! Thank you.
      Guys, that’s my supportive mom!

  6. So exciting! The new website looks great!!

    • Forreste, thank you for all of your wonderful contributions.
      So blessed to be sharing this journey with you.

  7. Looks great and confess, you had fun doing it.

    • Bill’s funny.
      I LOVE working, so yes, I confess — it was fun.
      (There. I said it.)

  8. Congratulations Mags… the new site is beautiful!

    • Daniel, thank you for all of your support through the years!!!!
      (Daniel even has a testimonial on the homepage Team! #superfan)

  9. Excellent new site! Getting help from talented people — beautiful
    I don’t know what I would do without the designers who did mine. And I’m now inspired to go update some stuff and get some more people clicking in!

    • Chris (can you tell I just learned how to reply to comments without my site crashing?)
      I do the same thing! When one of my friends works on their site, it’s like a site-rebirth for mine!
      It’s the new Electrolux – Hahahaha!

  10. Love the new site! Congratulations and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Court,
      Thank you for all of the support.
      I think you’re the first person to read the blog every week!
      (There should be a prize for that…)

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