A person holds a shovel and presses the shovel into the ground with their foot.

When Moving Mountains – Shovel or Backhoe?

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“God can move mountains, but you have to bring a shovel.”

-Anonymous Recovery Quote

This is what I think my shovel-mountain evolution has been throughout the course of my life. I think I showed up with a shovel and quickly observed that the more mountain I moved in a day, the more love and attention I received. So, I kept upgrading my equipment. I went from a shovel, to a tractor, to a backhoe. 

Running that heavy machinery all day led me to become out of touch with just how intimidating and overwhelming backhoe living can be. My need to be 100% efficient 100% of the time took its toll on both me and the people I love. 

Then I started hanging out with people who gave me permission to hand over the keys to the backhoe. They encouraged me to find that original shovel of mine and assured me that I’m enough no matter how much or how little mountain I move in a day. They even go so far as to give me permission to completely put down the shovel and rest when I’m tired.

This Thanksgiving I’m grateful for my friends who’ve taught me what it looks like to show up in my life without feeling the constant need to produce and achieve. They’re always there to remind me that I’m just as lovable doing nothing as I am doing something. Everyone needs friends like that.

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