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How I Stopped Resenting Other Women

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Given that this is the month of St.Valentine’s, I have love on my mind. This week, I’d like to reflect on the adoration I have for the simply remarkable women in my life. They are parenting children with specials needs, working four jobs, battling cancer, running companies, breaking records, breaking rules, making changes, leading churches, they are raising children by themselves, raising grandchildren, teaching our babies, healing our babies, healing us, they are inventing, curing, inspiring, discovering, building, planning, fighting wars, addiction, depression—and those are just the women I have on speed dial.

I went through a stage when I resented other women. I resented women who knew how to take care of themselves.

Isn’t that nice that she can afford a babysitter who will fold her laundry?

I would have time to get my nails done too if I didn’t have four kids and a husband who travels for work. 

Then, much like the lessons I was able to learn from G-Man that I wrote about in the post Getting Schooled by My Husband – Parenting 101, I stopped being resentful and started learning from these women. I observed how they carve out time for themselves, set boundaries, and speak their truth. 

Oooh, that’s why you look great and are smiling when I see you, because you’re putting your needs on the list.

Ah-ha, so you’re saying I should consider reworking the family budget and hire some help so I’m not pissed off all the time.

I love the women I’m surrounded by. I also love men who know how to love women. And, it makes me so happy to teach my daughters what it looks like for one strong woman to love and respect and support other strong women. The determination, devotion, encouragement, and instruction of women have guided me towards a life I didn’t know existed. Women already have it all figured out, all I have to do is seek out the right ones, and follow their example.

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