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2 Summer Challenges: Let’s Work on Mindset and Courage

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Team, in this last official episode of Season 8, before we jump into our annual Summer Rewind series, I want to talk about mindset—or, more specifically, about the things we tell ourselves over and over again. For the last few weeks, I have been conscious of the running monologue in my brain. I’ve also taken note of the things that actually come out of my mouth, and out of the mouths of others. 

Friends, at this point, I feel like we all know that what we think, we become. So, the energy I put towards this feels like the perfect summer mindset challenge to bring more peace and joy into my life.

Allow me to share some of the things I’ve heard from myself and from other people:

  • Just my luck!
  • No good deed goes unpunished.
  • This always happens to me!
  • This is too good to be true.
  • I’m going to fail.
  • Story of my life!
  • Ugh, I can’t do anything right.
  • Everything I touch falls apart.
  • I’m not talented enough.
  • Look at me, I’m disgusting.
  • I’m lazy.
  • I’m stupid.
  • I have no willpower.
  • I can’t compete.
  • I get easily overwhelmed.
  • It’s too late for me.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • It probably wouldn’t have worked out anyways.

None of us are strangers to negative self-talk, but have you ever taken the time to really listen to the crap you say to yourself over the course of a day? Have you ever taken the time to think about the impact those messages have on you when they’re repeated over and over again? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing lately and the exercise has completely opened up my eyes. 

I love having a little something to focus on during the summer. This year, my goal is going to be to catch myself when negative phrases like these come up and then, to reframe them:

“I get easily overwhelmed” can become, “I work best when I focus on one thing at a time.”

“I’m lazy” can become, “I’ll get to that task once I’ve made time to relax and restore.”

There is more than enough scientific research to support the tremendous power my thoughts have over the direction of my life and my overall wellbeing. Along with an accountability partner, I am cracking down on the BS I load up my brain with. I know that paying attention to my negative self-talk will impact me positively, because I’ve focused on it in the past and I have been amazed at the results! 

Please consider joining me for this Summer Mindset Challenge. Find someone in your life who can work with you to reframe those minuses into plusses. And let’s check back in the fall to see how we did!


Now, I was going to make this a separate bonus episode, but it goes perfectly with our theme today of staying positive and not allowing self-sabotaging phrases to hold us back from LIVING LIFE.

This summer I am…Calling all TeamConfessioners

Have you ever thought of sharing your own story or insight with our supportive community? Well, now’s your chance! I’m excited to invite you to contribute as a guest writer for our upcoming 9th Season of Confessions of a Recovering Micromanaging Perfectionist Martyr. If your post is one of the posts chosen, I’ll read it on the podcast and our fellow teammates will have an opportunity to hear fresh thoughts and ideas from our talented roster.

Please note that submissions are only open to TeamConfession subscribers. Please click on the link TeamC Summer Submission Campaign to read all the details. Submissions are due by August 9th of 2024.

And hey, if you’re feeling like you’d love to submit something, but you’re not quite ready—please be sure to re-listen to the posts, Ambition & Ready or Not before your inner critic tries to take over what you know in your heart you want to do!


Next week we will roll into our Summer Rewind series. We’ll be looking back on both popular episodes and a few forgotten episodes. Thanks for listening, and we’ll connect next week! 

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