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Another Trip to the ER – The Vulnerability of Asking for Help

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At the gym last week, when I heard the pop-pop-pop (think of the sound that a bendy-straw makes), I thought to myself, That can’t be good. How not-good wasn’t revealed to me until the next day when the orthopedic surgeon was “penciling me in for surgery” on Tuesday to unlock my knee, and repair a Bucket Handle meniscus tear

As TeamConfessioners know, going to the ER makes me cry. I used to think I was crying because I couldn’t hold in the emotion of life while simultaneously managing physical pain. But this time, I discovered that those tears were also welling up due to the vulnerability I hold deep within me. Friends, what was causing me to cry was having to ask for help.

I’ve gotten much better at hiring extra help—if someone is being compensated, I’m good. Even accepting help that’s been offered to me is becoming easier. But asking someone to stop what they’re doing to tend to my needs? Team, I burst like an overfilled water balloon.

It’s my understanding that life continues to provide me with the lessons I haven’t mastered. So here I am laid up with A.F.G.O. (Another Friggin’ Growth Opportunity.) But truth be told, I’m hopped up on pain medication right now so I don’t think I have much more to share on this topic. Here’s to asking for what I need over the next several weeks, and knowing that I’m worthy of the help I receive.

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  1. Oh, Meg,

    Thank you for this honest post. Think about it, allowing others to nurture and help you will be a gift that is appreciated., especially, in today’s world. An opportunity to share in another’s recovery gives a sense of purpose that very few activities offer. Somethimes it is difficult to accept help because we feel that everyone is dealing with so much but please know that sharing your tough time will be a welcome opportunity for others to feel a sense of purpose and control. Sending gentle hugs, Mary Lee

    • That’t just it Aunt Mary Lee, I do feel like everyone is too busy to help.
      Thank you for the reminder.
      Sending so much love~

  2. We’re here for you, Mags. Food, water, hugs. Right around the corner. Sending love.

    • Jeeze Julie, you weren’t kidding.
      Thank you again for all of my special “get well” treats – they’re really working! I’m getting better!

  3. Best wishes for a peaceful recovery.

    • Thanks to much Matthew!
      Miss you~

  4. Please take this opportunity to rest your mind and your body..I’m so sorry for your injury honey.. As this old woman gets older I realize that when we are the ones that are down and out we learn that it’s ok not to always be in charge…not to always be the “one”…it’s absolutely exhausting. Praying for a quick recovery. ?

    • Thank you for your prayers Dawn.
      I love the idea of not just resting my body, but also my mind. You are so right.
      Everyone has been picking up the slack – good thing I don’t do too much for them to begin with. They’ve been in training for this for years and they haven’t even known it!

  5. Oh Megan I feel so bad for you.. I had the same thing and know what you are going thru .. I unlike you only had to take care of myself but you have all your school age children to look after… make yourself a priority and take the time needed to do all those exercises they tell you to do .. let the people around you help you because they are doing it because they want to help you.. you are always there for everyone now let them be there for you .. wish you a speedy recovery .. love to all

    • Don’t feel bad for me–I’m so blessed to be surrounded by people who are willing to help. I need to get over myself.
      Thank you for your words of encouragement though, I really appreciate it.

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