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Anything But THAT – Finding Solutions in the Last Place I Look

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As TeamC knows, I am willing to look far and wide for solutions to my problems…or at least, that’s what I thought. This month, I’ve had to face the fact that while I’m willing to try a lot of things, I also have an, ‘Anything but that’ list digging its heels in on a constant basis.

One thing I can say for this pandemic is, it’s forcing me to entertain new solutions. My old answers simply aren’t working. And, if I claim to be open-minded, I have to be willing to open my mind to solutions I’ve previously been closed off to.

After facing and embracing some of those, ‘Anything but that’ fixes, I’m reminded that my pain is never caused by opening my mind to new solutions. My pain is always caused by keeping my mind closed off.

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