Busy – Do You Feel Adult Peer Pressure to Be Frantic?

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Being too busy makes me so agitated and pissy that I’ve had several serious come to Jesus realizations about how much I can physically do as one human being. But even though I spend a great deal of time trying to create simplicity and peace, I find that once I get it, I’m often not comfortable with it.

Honestly, I think I feel peer pressure to be frantic. It’s as if sharing how much I have to do is my way of fitting in and receiving love, I’m important and need sympathy too, ya know. But, I also find myself sharing the fullness of my schedule because I just want them to stop asking me to do stuff. I know intellectually I don’t want to constantly be in hustle-mode, but I find myself jumping into the next project the second I have a moment’s rest.

A friend and I were talking about the importance of becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. There has been so much growth in my life when, for example, I’ve chosen to keep my mouth shut even though every part of me wanted to get involved in someone else’s business. Or when I’ve stood up for myself when every part of me wanted to run away from a difficult situation. So yes, this week I was strongly considering going back to school, rearranging my entire office, and starting my first book. But instead, I’m going to go ahead and allow others to be as busy as they’d like, while I spend some time trying to come to peace with being peaceful.

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