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Crappy Mom List – 5 Things I’m Never Gonna Change

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As we know, I arguably spend waaaay too much time fine-shining my life. But this whole ‘focus on what’s working’ thing that I posted about in Open is really refreshing. Not only do I get to focus my energy on what’s working, but I also get permission to abandon all the things I give myself a hard time about. So, here’s a list of some things I no longer need to think about improving… 

  1. Cooking
    I know this is a big one, but I don’t care. I have such a difficult time finding joy in preparing food. I view it the same way I view getting gas and showering—necessary evils. And as I see it, why the hell is this assumed to be my responsibility? Everyone knows how to use the microwave and the toaster. Think of all the possibilities. Honestly, this one looks more like a New Year’s resolution in our house. I’m good at it for a few weeks at a time and then I avoid it like a new gym membership.
  2. Gift Buying
    There was a time when I was good at this. That was about four kids ago. Few things make me happier than finding the perfect gift for someone, but that rarely lines up with a special day in their life. I totally love the wedding etiquette rule that you have a whole year to execute the present. We need more rules like this.
  3. Academics
    I have little to no interest in what my kids do when they’re at school. I love my air conditioner, but I don’t need to know what it does down there to give me the results I love. Which is to say, if there’s a problem, I’ll give it attention. Buuuut, it’s going to need to be a pretty big problem. I have an incredible amount of respect and trust in my children’s fabulously hard-working teachers, and with all the other aspects of our lives that I’m managing, I just need to entrust them with the schooling division.
  4. Fashion
    While I’d love for TeamDe to be more swank, I think that ship has sailed. I’ve heard you need to get to them in the first five years when it comes to religion, I think that might be true for fashion as well. I’ll give looking chic to the families who have already invested the time. Our thing will be showing up with no shoes on. We seem to have that down pat.
  5. Playing with My Kids
    This is something I think I’ll love to do right up until I do it. They’re so much less combative in my play-date daydreams. Legos, Magnatiles…I don’t mind building stuff, but even that’s a struggle when they try to touch what I’m building. I love talking with them—talking’s my thing. If you want to play? Go find Daddy. Better yet, play with one another—that’s why we had so many of you.

Wow, those feel like five pretty big things to take off my list. I’m just going to be made of free time over here. Maybe next I’ll give up folding stuff.

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