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Doubt – How a Broken Camera Motivated Me to Recommit to My Mission

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As I get older, in general, I doubt myself less and less. Knowing who I am and what I stand for makes decision making and problem-solving so much easier. But, every-so-often I need to sharpen the focus when life gets blurry and that very often means an investment of time and/or money.

Last month something was ‘off’ with my professional photography images and instead of thinking it was the cameras, I quickly began doubting myself. After a lot of equipment testing, I determined that two of my camera bodies needed to be serviced. That lesson on the importance of trusting myself came with the painful price tag of 1,500 dollars. Much like the cost of college and summer camps, I knew I’d be better off not focusing on the actual money spent, but instead trying to determine what the experience was there to teach me.

Over the past several weeks my cameras aren’t the only things that have created doubt within me. I know that my doubt is born from my insecurities, fear, and exhaustion. What this broken camera experience encouraged me to do was invest time into removing that doubt within me.

How I invest my time and my money reflects what I deem as important.

Security, peace, and energy are important to me. Somehow spending over a thousand dollars on my equipment forced me to pause and really think about where and how I’m spending my time and money. Team, I’m feelin’ a new personal mission statement ah’ brewing… Stay tuned!

Oh, and Happy Happy Mother’s Day mamas!

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