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Feeling Invisible – The Corona Burnout is Real

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The burnout is real friends. Having more QT with the fam-damily after the snowstorm has truly put my extra-long deep breaths to work this week. Even our appliances look beat up. I was noticing our sink yesterday—it looks like it’s been through war.

This week a friend was telling me that she likes to go into her 6-year-old daughter’s room to just sit on her bed and watch her play. Her daughter continues on in her world of imagination as if mom weren’t even there. My friend said she likes to think that her Higher Power does the same thing. That God just likes to watch and spend time with us. No exchange. No agenda.

Not sure why this hit me so hard this week. Maybe because after a year of more cooking, more laundry, more dishes, and more mothering, I really just long to feel seen by someone. 

As I settle into the solitude of winter, and the anniversary of physical distancing approaches, I’m going to hold this idea close to my heart. Fingers crossed that God likes to binge watch crime dramas.

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