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Going in with a New Kind of Intensity – The Key To Sticking With It

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When I’m in, I’m ALL IN. But here’s the issue with that intensity—I can’t keep it up. Most often, my intention when I start something new is almost always to keep doing it. But what if, instead of setting stringent guidelines surrounding new goals, I went in softer? What if I was gentle right from the beginning? Would that yield different results? It turns out, yes. Yes it does.

Since I’ve changed my goal to “just show up,” I’ve stuck with so many more commitments. Which begs the question, why ever rush? Because I want results, Team! And I want them fast! But the thing about fast results is that they also seem to disappear fast. I feel very old (but we’ll call it ‘mature’) for writing this quote I found, “Change needs practice. And practice needs patience.” At some point, I’ve become elderly enough to gain the patience it takes for lasting change and transformation.

Hey, getting old isn’t all bad friends.

The other great thing about going at a more sustainable pace, is that when I lose my way it’s easier to get back on track. The reality of routine is that the nuts and bolts loosen and I have to tighten up my program from time to time. When I go back and ask myself, “What was working back when I was feeling good?” The answer isn’t, “Oh, you were killing yourself working out two times a day and doing all of that other stuff.” The answer is, “You were showing up.” Now that sounds like something I wouldn’t mind doing again: Just show up, and the rest will take care of itself.

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  1. Thanks, Mags. So true. Happy Showing Up Easy New Year..

    • We’ll see about the ‘easy,’ but I’m feelin’ good about it.
      I’m trying to plug the new year’s motto in our house…
      Yahooo 20-22!

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