How? or Why? – What People are REALLY Asking

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When someone asks me how I’m doing, I feel loved and cared for. When someone asks me why I’m doing something, it can quickly feel like an evaluation or examination (depending on the asker). People don’t always ask ‘Why?’ because they’re interested in my process, often they’re asking because they don’t agree with my choices.

Moving into a season when I’m going to be in the company of family and friends, I have to remind myself not to fall into the trap of feeling like these inquiries require a reply. As I often share, I can quickly feel as though I need to justify, explain, and/or defend my life to others (Changing Direction). I can simply say, “I have my reasons.” And leave it at that.

I’m finding that the more I learn about how to love people just the way they are, the more I crave time with people who know how to love me just the way I am.

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