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iProblem – How Technology Messes With My Mind

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While I don’t have a smartphone, I do have an iPad. This week I learned about propinquity from the meditation app Calm. Propinquity is a concept in psychology that “the things that are closest to you in physical space have the biggest effect on your psychological experience of the world.”  Interesting.

While driving home the other day from a very relaxing visit with a friend, my whole body felt tense. What the monkey-butt is going on? I know intellectually I have nothing to be uptight about, but my body is telling a different story. I’ve never suffered from anxiety but now I seem to have this constant underlying feeling that I’m always twenty steps behind.

TeamConfessioners, I think I have to get off the denial train about the effect technology is having on my overall sense of peace. Instead of justifying all the reasons ‘I need’ my iPad close to  me all the time to be efficient, I have to get honest about the fact that its proximity to me is precisely the reason why I almost always feel ineffective. IPad-it sounds like you’re going to be headed for a timeout!


Next week we’re going to talk about a lesson every parent can teach their kids. Don’t forget to tune in for that, and I’ll catch you all next week—thanks for listening!

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