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Natural Born Dream Crusher – How to Stop Myself From Destroying their Dreams

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If it weren’t for my husband and some other wise folks, I’d be a bonafide, full-fledged dream crusher. When my kids come to me with their latest and greatest ideas, the first thing I want to do is tell them that it’s a horrible idea. I also have the urge to list every single reason why their idea will never work. Thankfully, they have a father who does the exact opposite. And thankfully, I’ve learned to just listen. 

When I listen to people’s ideas and plans, I create a space where they don’t feel like they have to justify or defend their thoughts and choices. And you know what that means? It means they actually share their ideas with me. That sounds like a privilege worth keeping my mouth shut for.



And (if you haven’t already)…

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  1. This title made me laugh… mostly because I have earned the “Fun Crusher” nickname! Thank you for putting this all in perspective and helping me embrace the privilege of
    the terrifying, dangerous, incredibly messy, often expensive and time-consuming ideas!

    • V a.k.a. Fun Crusher,
      Oh, now you likely already do this, but just in case…
      I’ve noticed that when the kids bankroll their own ideas it means a lot less running around for me.
      “That sounds like a great idea Timmy. As soon as you have your funding together, let me know and I’ll be happy to bring you to the store to get the supplies.”

  2. I need to LISTEN !!!!! thank you for this wisdom

    • “Talk less, listen more.” isn’t that what they say?
      Easier said than done.
      Easier said than done.

  3. Oh wow, thank you for saying this out loud so I know I’m not the only one how struggles with this. It means a lot!

    • MB, right? I have to zip-my-lip constantly.
      But the biggest and best thing with all of this that I didn’t mention in the post is—THEIR IDEAS ALMOST NEVER HAPPEN!
      I go into this huge rant, and for what? A fleeting idea in a little person’s imagination.
      Aaaaah. So much easier to smile and say, “Sounds like you’re really excited about this.”

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