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Passion’s Power: Easing the Grip of Obsessive Thoughts

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Ever find yourself stuck on a mental merry-go-round, fixating on the same thoughts over and over? Yeah, me too. I’m like a teenager, Danny Zuko-ing relentlessly about my Summer Lovin’, only my summer was filled with rainy days, a good-for-nothing hot rod, and a break-up text from Betty Frickin’ Rizzo.

Discovering the Antidote: Personal Passions

One thing I’ve found that can help snap me out of this bleacher dance of doom is engaging in a personal passion. Taking time to do something I love is often the only path out of my loathsome logic loops.

The Transformative Power of Creativity

I recently read Rick Rubin’s The Creative Act, a book that crossed my path just when I needed it, as great books often do. Being reminded of the transformative powers of the creative process was so helpful. And while I respect that some creative processes can be daunting for people, what I’m really talking about here is choosing to do something simply because it brings me joy:

  • Grabbing a coloring book while watching an old favorite movie
  • Going for a drive with the windows down while listening to an album from my youth
  • Singing in the shower, sitting down at the piano, grabbing my old guitar
  • Going for a walk with a friend to observe nature and connect
  • Building something with my hands
  • Doing a puzzle
  • Hey, some of you cats might even find joy in cooking and baking, although I’ll never understand how.

Some of this might sound stupid or trite, but sometimes I just need to be reminded that Netflix is not my only path to joy-building.

Personal Journey: A Case Study in Passion

As I’ve been sharing over the past couple of weeks (Losing Money – From Financial Faceplants to Silver Linings and Do You Want Peace and Acceptance in Your Life? Repeat After Me!), I was in a recent spin about some tough stuff that happened at work. And one of the major things that got me out of my negative energy field was reinvesting in the creative process of producing content for our Team. Turning to writing has allowed me to lift the heaviness out of my heart and approach life less seriously. Life can get very serious, but I can’t combat serious with serious; I have to combat serious with light-heartedness. After all, I don’t combat darkness with darkness; I only combat darkness with light.

Passion: The Ultimate Remedy for Obsessive Thinking

The antidote for my obsessive thinking these days is passion. We all know the adage, “Move a muscle, change a thought.” I am now finding that if I move my muscles towards something that fills my heart with lightness, I am a lot more likely to be released from my obsessive thinking.

Join the Conversation: Share Your Passion Strategies

Now, I’m turning the spotlight on you, TeamC. What are your secret strategies to combat thought spirals? Drop your antidotes in the comments and let’s inspire one another!

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  1. Lately I have been trying different recipes for the sake of a creative task, I’ve shared it with co workers who were very appreciative they didnt have to pack there lunch adding to the benefit. Also at work we put on dance tunes taking turns being the dj and BUSTING. A. MOVE. Before we hit the physical clean up chores. Also changing my routes around town, my daily scheduale, or dressing can take on a creative boost=lightness and fun.

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