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Where Does Santa Go When We Grow Up?

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This spring my youngest said that he doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny. He said, “I just don’t buy that a gigantic bunny hops around the neighborhood handing out candy.” Little does he know, but I understand how that can seem crazy to a, then 8-year-old, even perhaps a bit creepy. But, since we’d all be sad if the Easter Bunny didn’t show up, we came up with a plan.

This year, we let the Easter Bunny go. Not in the same way you let a fifteen-year-old dog go, but in the way you let something move on when and if it’s needed in other places. Bunny needed to focus on other families. New families with little kids who know that enormous lifesize rabbits do exist and do in fact bring you treats in pastel baskets. So this spring, G-Man and I took over for E.B. and carried on some of his old silly rabbit tricks.

Why share this in November? Because there will come a time when we’ll also have to take over for Santa. Before long, we’re going to have to let Old Saint Nick and his team focus their efforts on all of our little cousins who keep arriving in our growing family. That’s why this year I’m going to try extra hard to soak in all the magical enchantment of our believer.

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