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The More Unlovable the Kid, the More I Need to Love

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This Sunday, I was thinking about the healing power of love. How, when people are going through a tough time, sometimes all they need is to be loved. I’ve especially noticed this in parenting. When one of the kids is making it difficult to love them, love is likely the only thing that child needs from me. This led me to thinking—maybe my focus this week should be to infuse everything I do with love…

Relationship with love. Walk with love. Email with love.
Parent with love. Fold with love. Call with love.
Work with love. Cook with love. Talk with love.
Drive with love. Clean with love. Listen with love.

There are so many mini-goals on a daily basis: get to that meeting, edit those images, return that phone call, email, text, have dinner ready by 5:30 so that so-and-so can eat before tryouts… I like the reminder to return to the overall life-goal, which is to be loving. Of course, there was some Yelling with love, but for the most part, there was just love. And my experience was that, while my intention was to help to heal others, it ended up being far more healing for me.

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