Blog Shot One – How Men Are Stupid and Women Are Crazy

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In this hot time of year, let’s take a look back to this popular post from the cold month of February. This wisdom-nugget has stuck with me for decades, TeamConfessioners.  Please enjoy this piece of high school banter that has surprisingly shed light on how G and I navigate our quirks all these years later. It’s also a great reminder for me that people aren’t doing things TO me—you all know how I love to play the victim. Have a listen to this Confessioners’ favorite… 

How Men Are Stupid and Women Are Crazy

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    Welcome to my blog! Here you can read about what’s on my mind as I try my best to recover from screaming at my kids and nagging the bejesus out my husband.

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    I would love for you to join me as I work to undo these old patterns and evolve to create a more serene and accepting existence. (And you should know that I still want to ear flick the little knuckleheads {this includes my husband} when they don’t rinse a dish before putting it in the dishwasher — always a work in progress.)
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